Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I love, love, love...apricot lattes!
MY new favorite addiction is Nespresso's apricot espresso.
I was first introduced to this little favorite by my sister Juliann.
We were away for FeBREWary vacation at my sister Valerie's ski chalet up at Sunday River. Juliann brought her Nespresso machine and a bunch of espresso pods. She told me I had to try the apricot blend. It didn't sound very appealing... but baby it was amazing!!!
Come to find out Nespresso comes out with 3 holiday blends every year and then once they are all gone they never appear again :(
I am not willing to fight for them on E-Bay!! People are actually selling them on various sites and for a higher price!! Let's take a poll and see if Nespresso should sell these babies year round.
If they did, I will personally go out and buy a machine!
My latte recipe is the best:
apricot espresso brewed
steamed milk with a bit of foam
put 1-2 t of agave in your drinking cup
pour in your apricot espresso shot
and as much steamed milk as desired
I then draw an agave heart on top of the foam!

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