Sunday, April 12, 2009

Champagne Cookie Recipe

I have called different bakeries and asked what the ingredients are in their Champagne Cookies and what flavoring they use to make these babies.
Some say almond, some say orange, several say vanilla.
I also studied the nutritional information on some bakery packaging at supermarkets.
The unfortunate thing about this, is that they put the ingredients for all the different types of Italian cookies on the packaging and you can't figure out what exactly is in the Champagne cookie. Depending on what you're use to, you may like a true butter cookie vs. a cookie made with vegetable shortening.
I have made many recipes for these delicate, delicious cookies.
You can find these special cookies mostly in the Boston area bakeries. I live north of Boston
and there are many bakeries that make them.
I will post several recipes based on what information I have. I will also show
you the pictures of the cookies I just made. They came out yummy! I do think
most people will need to adjust the flavoring for their own preference on what their
favorite local bakery serves....almond, vanilla, orange, etc.

Happy Easter
Oink Oink


  1. Just wonderingf if you ever posted the recipe....I'm north of boston too and also have been looking for years for this cookie recipe. No one will share it! if you will, please email me at
    Thanks, Gemma

  2. ah hello! i love what you wrote. is the recipe hiding somewhere? help? thank you!!! :) sue (quincy ma)